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Our Service

Live support

Chat with someone from Woork whenever you need help. Simply message us directly from the platform - we work 7 days just like you do.

Lifetime updates

Don't wait around for the 'next version'. Woork releases new features and functionality regularly. It's how we stay on top of innovation.

Feature requests

We are building this for you, which makes you the best person to decide what you need. That's why we encourage (and action) your suggestions.

Success Coaching

Your success is important to us, so we will support you with coaching and ideas so you can pull the right levers in your business and get the most out of Woork.


What's the difference between Woork and my agency system?
Most CRM’s are designed with the agency in mind. This is probably why we often hear agents describe these tools as ‘clunky’. Woork has been designed for you. The industry told us you wanted to spend less time at the desk and more time doing dollar-productive tasks. That’s why we created Woork to empower you with a simple, intuitive and comprehensive tool to manage your business. With a dash of innovation, and a pinch of personalised customer service; be prepared to experience real estate technology in a totally new way.
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Why have you built Woork?
As real estate agents ourselves, we discovered a disconnect between real estate’s people and technology. The tools we used were either too clunky, had poor customer service, or had tried to over-automate the parts of real estate that make it personal. Woork is founded on the philosophy that real estate is about relationships. That’s why each step we take on this journey is directed toward our mission; to simplify real estate while staying focussed on people and connections.
How long does it take to set up Woork?
Try not to think about the time you had to spend getting used to your current tool. At Woork, we don’t expect you to refer to a 30 page instruction manual for each feature. That’s where our intuitive design has you covered. The platform will take you through everything you need to know in only a few minutes. Set-up is fast and super simple, and we offer free, customised support to help you get your data loaded in the best way. Yep, it’s pretty cool.
What customer service and support does Woork provide?
True innovation comes from collaboration, and that’s why our customers sit at the heart of our business. Understanding your needs is a critical ingredient to our ability to inspire you with great technology. This is why within your trial period we connect with you a few times to learn about how we can better help you to be successful. We also offer tailored advice on how you can use Woork to help you achieve your business and personal goals. Paired with 7-day technical support, we've got you covered.
Can I use Woork as a team?
Woork transforms the way salespeople collaborate with each other using technology. If you are in a team, partnership or have a PA, manage your listings together, share information, improve productivity, and collaboratively build relationships with your network using Woork. Chat to our sales team to learn which package is best for you.
Is my data secure with Woork?
We are very clear about this; you own your client contact information and we don't have an interest in disclosing or sharing it with anyone else. You’re the one who worked weekends and collected those details. You've invested hours in building trust with your clients. Your network is your business gold, and you ought to be able to take it with you anywhere you go; which is why you can export it very easily at any time. You can see more in our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy,

Loved by top performing agents

"I committed to using Woork this year and doubled my sales from 9 to 18. Woork is so much simpler than the clunky tools I've used in the past."

Brandon McCorkindale